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Medical Transportation Assistance

Medical Transportation Assistance is provided for people who cannot drive, do not have family or friends available to drive or cannot afford transportation to routine medical appointments.

Medical Transportation Volunteers give their time but are reimbursed per mile for their service. Donations by clients are appreciated but not mandatory.

Who It Serves:

Clients are usually sixty years of age or older who are able to get in and out of a vehicle with little or no assistance. However, some funding is available for clients under sixty years of age, with extenuating circumstances. Cases are reviewed on an individual basis. Residents of care facilities cannot be transported. Clients must reside in Benton County; however actual transport is not limited to Benton County.

How It Is Funded:

Medical Transportation Assistance service specific grant funding is provided by:

How It Works:


The process begins with contact to BCVP from a person (the client) in need of routine medical transportation. The person in need of assistance, becomes a “client” of BCVP after filling out an Intake form and a Letter of Agreement form, which can be obtained from either BCVP office location. The Letter of Agreement can also be downloaded here.

Volunteer medical transportation is available for clients upon request. Medical appointment times should fall on Mondays through Fridays between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Date and time exceptions may be made upon review of individual circumstances.

Volunteers receive client information and medical appointment information from the BCVP office. Clients are notified from the BCVP office when a volunteer has been assigned. The volunteer makes contact with the client to secure the arrangements for transporting. Volunteers will escort clients from their home to the site of medical appointment, remain in medical facility lobby and return the client to their residence.

We will accommodate the client by taking them to the pharmacy on the way home from a medical appointment or transporting them directly to another appointment if necessary.


The first thing a Medical Transportation volunteer needs to do is fill out a BCVP Volunteer Enrollment Form, which can be downloaded here or can be obtained from either BCVP office location.

Medical Transportation volunteers must provide a road worthy vehicle for the transportation of clients, proof of auto insurance, a valid driver’s license, and may be subject to a background check.

The Volunteer Driver donates their time, but is paid fifty cents per mile for their service. The Volunteer Driver submits a Mileage Reimbursement form for payment upon completion of each trip. The Mileage Reimbursement Form can be downloaded here or obtained from either BCVP office location.

SHARE, Iowa food distribution program provides quality, nutritious and tasty food at reduced cost through a volunteer-assisted, community based distribution. Everyone may participate in SHARE, Iowa; however, a donation of two hours or more per month of any community volunteer service is appreciated. SHARE stands for Self Help And Resource Exchange.

Who It Serves:

SHARE, Iowa's emphasis is building community through volunteer service. For as little as two hours per month of volunteer work in any capacity makes anyone eligible to participate in this program. If you are unable to volunteer, other participates will give you some of their volunteer hours.

How It Is Funded:

SHARE, Iowa is generally self-funded through a small stipend per order. A Wal-Mart award for program supplies was also granted in FY17.

How It Works:

Contact BCVP to explore your order menu options, place an order and make your payment in the form a check, cash or EBT. Orders are distributed once a month, with pick up locations in Belle Plaine and Vinton.

Human Outreach Services

This program area includes Thanksgiving Food Baskets, Summer Food Baskets, Christmas Tree of Sharing, and a School Supply Drive. Volunteers in our Human Outreach Project Groups provide comfort pillows for cancer patients, do projects for care centers, cut coupons for the military and assist teachers with school oriented projects, to name a few.

Who It Serves:

BCVP serves the less privileged, the less fortunate and also assists those who are in service to others such as school districts and the military.

How It Is Funded:


How It Works:

Project groups meet in Belle Plaine and Vinton to organize and maintain program services. BCVP Coordinators direct these groups. If you are interested in becoming a part of a project group please contact the office closest to you.